Six scientific facts that can help you fall asleep more easily

  1. If you are having problems falling asleep, get out of bed. Experts say that worrying too much over whether you will fall asleep or not causes you stress and negative emotions. That is why they suggest getting out of bed and reading a book in a different room (e.g. the living room).
  1. Turn off your mobile device! The blue light from your mobile phone suggests that it is still daytime out of your window. For this reason you should definitely turn off your mobile device 30 minutes before going to bed.
  1. Meditate and perform relaxation exercises. Your body creates stress hormones when you are worried, so you should try to relax your body in a gradual manner, starting with your toes. Start relaxing slowly towards your upper body parts. By doing relaxation exercises, many people manage to fall asleep even before they reach their head.
  1. It might sound unusual, but try to stay awake. It is easier to fall asleep if you are not bothered by the fact that you have to fall asleep. One of the studies has shown that worrying about staying awake actually has an opposite effect.
  1. Be consistent: always go to bed at the exact same time. That way your body will recognize the time when it needs to start relaxing.
  1. Do something boring. Experts suggest counting down from 100, by subtracting 3 (e.g. 100, 97, 94, 91…). The more bored you feel, the easier it will be to fall asleep.

Pleasant dreams!