Primarius Radmila Buljan, MD, MSc, Psychiatry Specialist

I was born in 1951 in Zagreb. In 1969 I enrolled in the School of Medicine, University of Zagreb, from which I graduated in 1974. After my internship, I specialized in psychiatry at KB Vrapče, where I have spent my entire work life.

After specialization, I finished my post-graduate study in psychotherapy, and have been employed at the Department for Clinical Psychophysiology and Sleeping Disorders since 1984.

The Department (later named Center), was the first Center for Sleeping Disorders in this part of Southeastern Europe, where I had my first experience in the field of sleep medicine.

Because of work requirements, I enrolled and finished a post-graduate study in neurology and have obtained a master’s degree in the field of epileptology.

I have acquired additional education in the field of sleep medicine from the Center for Sleeping Disorders at the Clinic in Den Haag.

I am a member of the European Somnology Society. I have attended and actively participated in congresses about treating sleeping disorders and have published scientific works in this field.