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NeuroSan Polyclinic is a polyclinic that specializes in sleeping disorders with services ranging from diagnostics to treatment. Our team possesses an extraordinary and longtime experience in the field of sleep disorders, and can offer you both diagnosis and a possible solution to your problems at a single location.

We use world-class state-of-the-art diagnostics equipment situated in a comfortable environment, where you can relax in the safe hands of our skilled team of professionals.




At NeuroSan Polyclinic, we can provide answers to all of your questions regarding your sleeping problems.


Other services

Services that we provide at NeuroSan Polyclinic are related to sleeping disorders.


Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a disorder that is still rarely addressed in our society, despite the fact that it is not an uncommon disorder.



Insomnia is a sleeping disorder which can lead to lethargy, daytime drowsiness and a general state of feeling unwell both physically and mentally.

Price List

The price list of our services we offer in the NeuroSan Polyclinic related to the sleep disorder


Primarius Pavao Krmpotić, MD, PhD

Neurology Specialist

Sleep medicine specialist, a degree in sleep medicine from the European Sleep Research Society


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Primarius Radmila Buljan, MD, MSc

Psychiatry Specialist

Post-graduate course in psychotherapy, member of the European Sleep Medicine Society, longtime experience at the Department for Clinical Psychophysiology and Sleeping Disorders

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Krunoslav Fučkar, MD, Phd

Specialist for Internal Medicine – Cardiologist

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dr. sc. Barbara Barun, dr. med, neurologist specialist

International Sleep Disorder Specialist

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